Space: In Two Parts

Final Parsons thesis exploration.

Assets: Two books with four sticker sheets.

Space: In Two Parts is a two book series which explores our deep relationship with space. Space addresses this intimacy one has with “safe space” not in the spatial sense, but in the mental, non-tangible experience of being in space. This thesis seeks to observe and make clear to readers what gives us comfort in spaces, ultimately, giving readers the tools to imagine space outside of the material, physical idea of safe space. My project argues that the goodness of space then, outside the physical, lies in its ephemerality. Space is an attempt to capture that ephemerality of sensations in “spaces”.

The Survey Booklet
is the first installment of my investigation on space. It exists as a meditative tool to understand what safe space can be for others, making clear that we can capture the ephemeral feeling of being in space by using memory and imagination. Simultaneously, The Survey Booklet makes transparent my research for my thesis, a survey asking 50+ anonymous creators about the elements of their safe space. These responses tease out the themes, the nuances of intimate, good, safe space and are curated and presented in The Survey Booklet. These curated responses and themes created a precedent for inspiring the content and form of the following book of this project, Good Space Journal.

Good Space Journal is the second installment of this two-part project on good space. It is a collection of personal writing, visual art and highly interactive exercises about both myself as well as the reader’s meaningful, intimate experiences of space. My writing and visuals correspond to outlined themes from The Survey Booklet, affirming the elements of safe space with my own experiences, my own artistic presentations of it. Interactive exercises urge the reader to critically reflect on safe space, recording them into the book so that they can customize their own journey into the journal and find their own ideas of safe space again, hopefully as a result to comfort them. 

Space: In Two Parts ostensively answers the question of how can we capture a fleeting moment or memory of tender, safe, good space?

Edition 1
Batch of 95 handmade copies.

Available for purchase. Please send an email at to place an order.

The Survey Booklet- $25
Good Space Journal (including 4 sticker sheets)- $45
Bundle (The Survey Booklet + Good Space Journal)- $60
Digital PDF of the bundle - $13

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Meet: The Survey Booklet

The Survey Booklet’s interior gradient cover. A way to create an embodied play experience and space in the book medium. Gradients in this project are visual ideas of space. When a colour shifts from one to another, it creates a highly meditative, personal and emotional space. I liken this quality of gradients to the goals of Space: In Two Parts

First & Last page of The Survey Booklet.

Meet: Good Space Journal

 Good Space Journal reversible cover jackets, a way to customize the user’s experience, aiding to an experience of safe space. 

Four sticker sheets in Good Space Journal. Stickers urge interactivity by creating a sense of play. Users are asked to integrate stickers into interactive exercises, as ways to customize their whole book experience as a whole or to stick onto everyday objects. 

Details of interactive pages. A box for drawing and lines for writing are included for users to record their thoughts on their own good space, a journal experience for me and  users.

The Survey Booklet select spreads.

Good Space Journal select spreads.


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Colour & Nature Fixation. Comprehensive Design for the Appreciation of The Masses. Based in NYC.