In Two Parts

Space: In Two Parts answers the question of how can we capture a fleeting moment or memory of tender, safe, good space? 
Parsons: Communication Design, Thesis, 2021.

Space: In Two Parts is a two book series which explores our relationship with space. Space argues that the goodness (comfort, safety, enjoyment) of space lies outside the physical, it is founded in ephemerality. Space seeks to capture that good feeling, that ephemerality of our experiences in “spaces” in our memories and imagination. These books become a tool to aid imagination, creativity in a journalistic form to cultivate our personal safe space.

The Survey Journal

The Survey Booklet is a meditative tool to understand what safe space can be for others, making clear we can capture the ephemeral feeling of being in space through using memory and imagination. The Survey Booklet is a published presentation of the thesis research, the responses and themes found from a survey on 50+ anonymous creators about the elements of their safe space. These responses formed the themes of intimate, good, safe space which inspired the content of Good Space Journal.

Good Space Journal

Good Space Journal is a collection of personal writing, visual art and interactive exercises that function as a tool for both myself, the writer, as well as the reader to create meaningful, intimate experiences of space. The writing and visuals are an expression which affirm the elements of safe space themes from The Survey Booklet. Interactive writing and sticker exercises urge the reader to critically reflect on safe space, allowing them to customize their own journey and discover their own understanding of safe space.