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A hypothetical canned cocktail brand inspired by Asian flavours and liquor.

The mission: to provide a unique drinking experience, doing away with the perceived “party culture” of alcohol into some beautiful, intimate “vibe culture” with a focus on Asian liquor and flavours. Sit down and have a drink with your cocktail fix, nitecap

All design, imagery, brand identity concept and copy are by Tiffany Tong.

Assets below: Tasting menu, can packaging & photo campaign.

nitecap can cocktail packaging design.

nitecap tasting menu promotional sheet.

Editorial imagery for nitecap’s “Goldfish” White Wine Sangria cocktail. 

Enjoy the Office Cat Design portfolio ! 


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Space: In Two Parts (2021)

Book design, book making, typography & writing.

A Parson’s senior thesis investigation on what are the elements which make a safe space. Explored in the form of two interactive books. 

You And I Were Made By The Same Beautiful Earth (2021)

Zine design, typography, personal & academic writing.

Digital interactive, healing zine tackling the climate crisis and the oppression of marginalised communities, specifically BIPOC femmes. 

Live Culture (2020)


A community space for the culture.

Nitecap (2019)

Branding design & creative direction.

Asian-inspired canned cocktail brand design.

post to you (2020)

Postcard design & personal writing.

Digital postcard collection including a mixture of personal post cards to readers of my 2020 Summer. 50% of all sales were donated to Black Trans communities and mutual aid initiatives.

On: Basking (2020)

Film creation,video editing & writing.

A film and poem on basking.

The Instagram Square (2019)


A selection of designs made to accomadate the Instagram square.

anti-gone (2019)

Writer, cinematography & editing. 

A scenic short film about neighbors who meet each other in their dreams.

*chroma (2018)

An ode to colour. A zine about artists and their relationship to colours.

Hong Kong To Me (2017)

Series of artworks.

Slivers of a distinctly Hong Kong life. 

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