Live Culture

Live Culture is a pun on the alternative name for probiotics and a community (place) which can be multifaceted, ever-changing, and fun. Live Culture focuses on the necessity of communities in culture (and vice versa). The activities within aims to foster a democratic space for anyone to be involved with, and for the community and cultural development to thrive.

A running imperative of Live Culture is the mutual aid system to ensure the safety of our communities, giving back to the people who enrich and develops the culture.

Live Culture’s typography is driven by the ethos of accessibility and legibility. Times New Roman and Univers embody these characteristics.

Parsons thesis exploration concepted and created by Tiffany Tong.

Assets: Posters, community programming, menu.

On-Live Zoom “Club” Culture: a Live Culture on-line zoom club party.
(Apologies! Gradients are visually corrupted on GIFs...)

Live Culture advertisement posters.

Above: Live Culture drink/ alcoholic menu. Cocktail pricing sliding scale for QTBIPOC. 

Left: Seasonal Live Culture community programming ranging from cooking classes, fermentation classes,
art exhibitions, art workshops, movie screenings, etc. Program imagery spotlights a photographer’s body
of work. Program event pricing is sliding scale for QTBIPOC. 

© Tiffany Tong